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One on One coaching is very different from my other programs.

One on One coaching is a COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED strength training program with meal plans throughout the entire 5 months that we work together.

Every One on One program that I write will be different because it will be customized to the individual and their specific needs.

This is a huge difference from many programs you will find online. I do not give out the same calorie range, macronutrient percentages or exercise program to every client. Instead, when I am working with you I get to know you, find our your goals, know your priorities and schedule, examine your current challenges and write out a new workout for you every 2 weeks based on your results. 

Because of the time, dedication and commitment involved with this type of coaching the number of clients I will be accepting will be extremely limited. 

I want to make sure I give my very best to each individual client and help them in every way possible to reach their goals.

This option of coaching is the right choice for individuals who WANT and NEED a coach.

This is NOT a quick fix.

This takes time and commitment.

You have to do the work.


During these first 5 months I will:

  • get to know you and understand your needs
  • write you your own strength training program that changes every 2 weeks based on your progression with the work done
  • advise you with a customized keto meal plan with calories and macros
  • help you as you progress make changes to how you train each day and shifts and changes that can make your nutrition better and better
  • give you my personal attention & guidance to help encourage, motivate and inspire you along the way

Decide to take your fitness, your health, your strength, your capabilities to a whole new level with me!

Let's do this together.

I can't wait to see who of you are in this for real.